We are a small and independent design studio,
founded in 2013 in Managua Nicaragua.
Our experience goes a little beyond 9 years,
working for local entities such as foreigners,
renowned companies and entrepreneurs.

We could say that any project that is of our interest
is ideal for us and we will always try our best
to achieve the quality we promote to satisfy
the desired results in each project.

Barney "Murk" Rugama

CEO & Art Director, proudly father of 2 crazy kids,
motorcycle lover and football retired player.

Been in the design field for more than 8 years,
experienced in print design branding and web design.

“Communication is the key, if I can’t achieve it
in my designs, then I’m doing nothing”

Jenifer Alvarado

Executive Manager, Jr designer,
enthusiast photographer, lovely mother & wife.

With strong background in Retail Store management
and Administration of a Family of four. Doing my best
to manage the studio and keep a good client service.

“Things have to be done, but done RIGHT & GREAT!”


"our lovely work"